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What cakes do you make?

My cakes are light, indulgent gateaus. My recipes are based on classic Swedish cake recipes, and honed by my patisserie experience at the Ritz hotel. We start with thin layers of soft, light sponge, add luxuriously thick fresh cream fillings (usually vanilla cream or a chocolate cream). You decide the fillings and the decorations, from seasonal fruits and berries to toasted flaked almonds to mouth-watering Belgian chocolate detailing.

Which is your most popular cake?

These 4 are our best sellers.

Where do you deliver?

Delivery within Brighton & Hove city is free. We deliver across Sussex for a fee. Most of our deliveries tend to be weekend mornings or weekday evenings. Call me to arrange a time to suit.

How do I pay?

We accept payment by bank transfer or Paypal. Payment is required 48 hours in advance of your delivery date. Because each cake is made fresh and to order, payment needs to be made before we create your cake.

How much notice do you need?

A minimum of 48 hours notice. The more, the better. We focus on making the most beautiful cakes we can, not making the most cakes quickly. We aim to accommodate last minute orders (if you’ve forgotten a birthday, for example), as long as your flexible on the kind of cakes we can make quickly. If you want a photo printing onto a cake we need 4-5 days notice.

Does my cake need to be kept in the fridge?

Yes, because we use fresh cream. Your cake can be taken out an hour or two before a party, or transported in a cool car boot. But you want to keep your cake in the fridge before you serve it. And, if there are any leftovers, keep them in the fridge. Our cakes usually come in 10” or 12” cake boxes which fits in the vast majority of fridges – just make sure you have room in your fridge to store your cake. Your cake is made with the freshest cream, so will last 3-4 days.

Do you make wedding cakes?

Yes, we do – see some here. We offer cake consultations to make sure you get the cake you’ve been dreaming of. If you’re not sure what you want, we have plenty of ideas to show you here. We can provide cake stands and deliver within Brighton & Hove city for free, or across Sussex for a fee. As a wedding cake customer, you are extremely important to us and we always make sure we go the extra mile to deliver a cake that will be a talking point of your guests.

Do you make Victoria sponges/Lemon drizzle/Fruit cake/Coffee & walnut…?

No, The sponges we make use fresh cream, not heavy sponge and buttercream. If you want a heavy fruit cake or plain sponge, I’m not the baker for you. That said, everyone who has tried our style of cake has been a convert. Check out our Testimonials – we’re very proud of the huge number of people who have told us they’ve just eaten the best cake of their life.

Do you make cupcakes?

Yes we do. We prefer to make fresh cream cupcakes rather than buttercream, because our customers tell us they just taste better. Minimum orders are for 12. And we deliver for free within Brighton & Hove city.

Do you make novelty cakes?

We do – see a portfolio to get inspired here. We enjoy making small characters out of icing and creating unique designs. However, we think cake should taste amazing first and also look good. If you want to build a giant tower out of cake and have lots of large pieces of icing, those kind of cakes are made using dry blocks of sponge and enough icing sugar to put an elephant in a sugar coma. Our style of cake – soft layers of sponge and fresh mousses and cream does not suit creating tall architectural designs. Please take a look at our gallery of novelly cakes here and email or call to discuss your ideas.

I need a cake for my work/business/event…

Great! Get in touch with your request here or view some of our cakes for businesses and corporate clients here. Whether you’re looking for celebration cakes, cakes for launches, promotions or events, we can create showstopping cakes of all sizes, and include company logos and ideas in the design, if you like. Whether you’re a local business looking to set up a business account to deliver your staff birthday cakes, or a large company like EDF who recently ordered 1,500 cupcakes, we can help.

How should I eat my cake?

Ideally, in a candlelit room, blindfolded, while being slowly fed mouthfuls of cake. The cake deserves your full attention. Forget massages, yoga and shopping, cake is the ultimate way to feel good. Every day can be a cake day, and every day is better with cake. Remember, because are cakes are gateaux-like, you want to serve them at parties on (paper) plates, not napkins and give people forks or spoons.

Can you print a photo or images on a cake?

Yes we can. You can see examples in in the Novelty Cakes gallery. Please email us photos you want printed or call me for a chat. Allow 5 days for this type of cake.

Can you make me a hen party or stag party cake?

Sure – take a look here. We’ve been asked to make adult-themed cakes many times before, so if you want a sparkly silver penis cake, or a boob cake, we can make those for you…

Where is your shop?

We don’t have one. We work from a production kitchen in Hove. If you want to browse our cakes, please do. Our customer testimonials should make you comfortable that we really do make beautiful cakes, delivered on time, that makes any event very special. If you have a query, do call or email Jenny.

What ingredients do you use?

We always use free range eggs, and where possible, organic and often from local Sussex farms.

Our cream is high quality British cream.

Chocolate is most often Belgian 70% cocoa chocolate for mousse fillings and decorations.

We bake Genoise sponges that are light and fluffy – a million miles away from dense sponge cakes or English fruit cakes.

We aim to avoid buttercream fillings as we think that are over sweet and cream and mousse fillings taste much nicer – we’re sure you’ll agree once you’ve tasted our cakes.

We also tend to minimise icing – only children like a whole mouthful of icing. We want you to taste the flavours in your cake, not just a pure hit of sugar.

Who is making my cake?

Jenny Engvall, owner of Cakes Brighton moved to England from Sweden in 1997, where she worked as pastry chef at The Ritz, creating food for the likes of Mohamed Al Fayed and Julia Roberts. She moved onto The Compleat Angler in Buckinghamshire, creating dishes for Naomi Campbell, Stephen King and The Queen.

She got her first job in a bakery when she was 16, and after catering college, won a series of jobs at some of Sweden’s finest confectioners and restaurants.

In 2007, she moved to Brighton. “I love Brighton’s quirkiness,” she says. “I decided to set up a deliver-to-your-door cake company that lovingly bake cakes that are as creative and beautiful as you.”

Meet Jenny here

Can you make gluten free cakes?

We can. If you want a cake for someone with Coeliacs or gluten sensitivity, we can use a flour which is a mixture of rice, potato, tapioca, maize and buckwheat, which is gluten free, but makes a great sponge.

We do need to point out that flour is often processed in factories that also work with flour containing gluten. And our production kitchen uses flour that contains gluten. Of course, we take great cake to make sure a cake for a customer with Coeliacs does not come into contact with other cakes or preparation areas.

Can you make vegan cakes?

No, sorry, but there are plenty of bakers on Brighton that do.

Can you make cakes for someone with a nut allergy?

We can. We would avoid marzipan and any products containing nuts.

We do need to point out that the flour we use is often processed in factories that also process nuts. And our production kitchen uses uses nuts. Of course, we take great cake to make sure a cake for a customer with a nut allergy does not come into contact with other cakes or preparation areas.

Can I get your recipe?

No, it’s a secret, sorry 🙂